Getting Real

– Getting real about life –

By “Getting Real” we are exploring the many layers of being a womxn in today’s hectic world. Our diverse group of writers will share their experience and insight on topics such as mental health, body positivity, relationships, motherhood and grief.

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Learning to love yourself, candidly and healthily

Through the Storm: Learning to love yourself, candidly and healthily.  ”Life is too short to be someone other than what’s already there, YOU.”  Note to self- I decided to share this story to remind myself and others that true self love is a process of a journey. To…

Determining your life’s purpose

‘’We have to cultivate the skill to listen to our own intuition instead of looking for external validation.’’ Cultivating self-care is a lot about creating a shift in what we were taught to value – a shift from external validation to inner knowing. We tend to forget that…

Self-Awareness and Emotional Health

 ‘’I have learned that self-awareness is the first step to begin to modify a situation should a change need to be made.’’ As a current doctoral student in clinical psychology, I am continuously learning about human behavior, how the mind works, how to assess clients, and how to…

Four Ways to practice self-love

‘’ Lacking self-love can then push us into the arms of people and situations who do not have good intentions for us.’’ I think that we have all been in a situation where we have multiple insecurities at once. We look in the mirror and cannot find a…

Two Worlds of Bullying: Discovering Beneath and Above

Bully : seek to harm, intimidate, or coerce.  Revival : an improvement in the condition or strength of something. Take a deep breath. Think back to when you were a child.  Now, think about the person you are today.  I remember going on the school bus  completely dreading to…

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